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As founder and owner of Top Gun Military Apparel Inc., I have over thirty years of experience as a collector and dealer. Since I was a child, I have researched military history. My interest was sparked by my father who was in a B-29 squadron in Guam during WWII. I grew up with WWII memorabilia surrounding me and was influenced by the stories I heard from veterans. As a child, I saw Vietnam on the news, read war comic books, enjoyed playing war games with the neighborhood kids, and all the TV shows I watched were about WWII. The mood growing up was very patriotic.


I have fostered these childhood memories and stories passed down from my father into this business, which has been gaining a reputation for its wide range of military collectibles at its current location in Palmyra, Pennsylvania for the last 20 years. I consider myself a reliable and trustworthy source to buy, sell, and trade your collectibles and army and navy surplus goods. Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any inquiries.


-Steve Jackson

Slick Chick Crew
My father with his crew in front of their plane "Slick Chick".
Owner and Dad of Top Gun Military Web Site
Here I was fighting Japanese and Germans at 18 mos.
Some of the Third Reich Nazi items found in this web site may be offensive to some people. Top Gun Military Inc. has not had any affiliation with any future, present, or past political parties, military organization, or religious orders.
To provide the best selection of military collectibles, Top Gun Military Inc. has purchased these items as spoils of war brought home by our victorious veterans. The items we offer are intended for collectors of World War II memorabilia and educational research purposes only. In no way does Top Gun Military Inc. endorse or deny the historic tragedy of the Nazi Period of Hitler’s Third Reich.